• iceberg
  • boy with flowers
  • checking water quality
  • planet eclipse
  • solarsystem model
  • rangitoto trees
  • kids with test tubes
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  • snowy mountains
  • teens in physics class
  • Rainbow Clouds

    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

  • Philippa On The Ice

    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

New Zealand Science Teacher


  • The story of where our food comes from

    Links to lunchboxes: new resource explore the story of food


    To be launched tomorrow at ULearn, a free science resource for primary and intermediate learners called The story of where our food comes from aims to tell the story of where our food comes from, and the importance to New Zealand of our primary sector.  

  • Some of the SLH teamSMALL

    SLH announces funding for the future


    The new-look Science Learning Hub has been launched to great fanfare, and the good news is: it's here to stay.

  • school hols

    Bust holiday boredom with science!


    Science Learning Hub have published a handy guide to scientific activities going on in your area, so you can keep young learners occupied with science these holidays. 

  • fish

    Fish 'sing' at dusk/dawn like birds!


    Putting paid to our idea of fish as the unblinking mutes of the sea, scientists have plenty of audio evidence that some fish species break into a collective dawn chorus, just like birds do. 

  • Rosetta mission selfie at 16 kmLR

    Rosetta to be switched off


    The European Space Agency's historic comet-taming probe, the Rosetta, won't be going out in a flaming ball of glory now that it's mission is complete. Engineers are just going to park it on comet 67P - which it's been chasing around the solar system for the last 12 years - and switch it off. 

  • QT

    Fast Forward in Qtown: finding the science within


    Between 29 August and 2 September, Catalyst Trust, an organisation promoting innovation in the Wakatipu Basin region, is hosting a festival of science, technology and innovation called ‘inSight: a sneak peek into our future’. The festival will encompass free film screenings, talks, demonstrations, and other events. High schools and the primary schools in the region have been working behind the scenes for months on projects that will be the centrepiece of a showcase event called ‘Fast Forward.’

  • neptune

    This week in space: things get a bit weird


    This week in space: a strange object in the vicinity of Neptune, and scientists are keeping very hush-hush about the rumoured discovery of an ‘Earth-like’ planet just around the galactic corner.

  • 74I8900

    Quake damaged Rutherford's Den to reopen in Chch


    Rutherford’s Den – the science learning facility within Christchurch’s Arts Centre – is set to re-emerge on 27 August after sustaining severe damage in the Canterbury earthquakes, and it’s now more interactive than ever before.