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  • Stardome HR 132 SMALL

    Not just another brick in the wall: new Stardome Lego display


    Earlier in November, Auckland’s Stardome Observatory & Planetarium launched two new permanent displays, that will fuel youthful interest in humankind’s past and present in space. Education manager Vanessa Rancour hopes that one of the displays can become the (Lego) building blocks that will inspire a new generation of space engineers.

  • neptune

    This week in space: things get a bit weird


    This week in space: a strange object in the vicinity of Neptune, and scientists are keeping very hush-hush about the rumoured discovery of an ‘Earth-like’ planet just around the galactic corner.

  • jupiter

    August a great month for watching other worlds


    August is a great month for planet spotters, including those possessing only the tools they were born with: all five ‘naked eye’ planets will be visible in the early evening sky this month. There will be also be several astral highlights as well, as stars like Antares and Vega make their way across the sky.

  • 2015 BHS winners

    Organised chaos: BHS science fair


    Stephen Dorey, HOD Science at Buller High School, says that the introduction of a science fair has built bridges in the community at large, invigorated learning, and created opportunities for cross-sector knowledge sharing.

  • icebergs Otto Fiord cropped

    Addressing myths about sea level rise


    As gravity varies across the globe, so too does sea level, geologist BRIAN RICKETTS explains.

  • dolphin

    Dive into Seaweek with your classroom


    Seaweek 2016 is offering three competitions to inspire students to get involved.

  • stars

    Sky spotter: the February night sky


    There are treasures to be found in the summer sky.

  • Mana vautier

    Pūhoro: Māori Science Academy launches


    Science education receives an exciting boost in Palmerston North.

  • amp1 small

    Young scientists among scholarship winners


    A budding astronaut and a viticulturist are among those one step closer to their career goals after a financial boost from a well-known scholarship programme.

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