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Teachers’ evening at Malaghan Institute

Wellington secondary school science teachers are invited to a special evening at the Malaghan Institute.

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The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand’s leading independent medical research centre, focused on finding better treatments for diseases such as cancer, asthma and allergy.

Wellington secondary school science teachers are invited to a special evening event to meet the researchers and hear about their work on May 7, 2015. There will also be the opportunity to tour the Malaghan Institute facilities.

Katherine Allen, communications manager, says many of the Malaghan’s 90 scientists were taught by gifted science teachers in the Wellington region and they see the evening as a chance to reconnect with the school science sector.


“It would be our pleasure to host you for a bite to eat, a chance to meet and share our latest medical research, and to thank you for inspiring many of our home-grown staff in their career choice,” she says.

“The evening will be informal – meet and chat, a short presentation, and a chance to tour our facilities.”

They currently have a cancer vaccine in trial and although scientific conventions mean results cannot be discussed while it is underway, the researchers are able to share some information about the clever chemistry involved. Another Malaghan researcher is investigating the links between the gut microbiome and our immune system.

Malaghan Institute researchers believe the key to treating disease lies within our immune system, the body's own natural defence against infection and illness. Last year the Institute patented a therapeutic (rather than preventative) vaccine technology for asthma which they hope to translate into a human application. 

Read more about the Malaghan's work here on NZST: Targeting the immune system, not the disease.


Special evening for secondary school science teachers at Malaghan Institute.

Thursday 7 May, from 5.30pm until 6.45pm.

Please RSVP by Monday 4 May, 2015. Contact Katherine Allen on kallen@malaghan.org.nz.

Designated carparks are also available on request. Enter the Malaghan Institute through Gate 7, Victoria University of Wellington campus.

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