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  • Rainbow Clouds

    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

  • Philippa On The Ice

    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

New Zealand Science Teacher

Science Education & Society

  • 97776189 Boy with Globe Small

    Increasing diversity in science could be one way to fight inequality


    There are compelling reasons for tackling the under-representation of different ethnic groups, women and those from low-income backgrounds in science, writes JAMES MOORE.

  • 12912 quakelivescreenshot

    Two sci-fi gadgets that are now real world


    Science fiction futurists have an eerie habit of foreshadowing technology they imagine being part of an everyday future. Here are two examples that have emerged from the fevered minds of these visionaries and are now very much real-world: one an ominously cheap weapon that’s still in prototype form; the other an era-defining ubiquity of our own time.

  • bell of saint pierre Small

    The hitchhiker’s guide to physics


    Join physics teacher FELIX OLSSON as he explores European scientific landmarks, in a quest to plan the perfect class trip.

  • computer kid

    The end is nigh: Silicon-based computers and what might replace them


    We’ve become accustomed to each successive generation of computers making the last obsolete within months for about a half-century or so now. What does the future hold, JAYLAN BOYLE asks, in our latest science-fiction inspired article.

  • Mars One 1

    Mars One: inspired vision or doomed mission?


    Mars One is among several Mars colonisation projects that have graduated beyond thought experiment territory, and into the planning of actual detail, writes JAYLAN BOYLE.

  • tuatara

    New tuatara book hatched


    Alison Cree offers a comprehensive and fascinating look at tuatara. Her new book provides a rich resource for teaching The Living World contexts.

  • earth

    Reasons for our seasons: earth science comes alive


    This is your invitation to connect your students with an earth science class in New York.

  • albatross

    The education factor in the green economy


    Teaching students to think deeply about sustainability has never been so important, believes DR SIMON McMILLAN.

  • beyond2000

    Futurology, beyond 2000


    The ‘futures practitioners’ of the 1980s imagined a world bright with technological advances. But how do their predictions measure up by 2014 standards? JAYLAN BOYLE investigates.

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