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  • Rainbow Clouds

    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

  • Philippa On The Ice

    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

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  • smartphones in rainforest

    Teaching sustainability through real-life science


    Getting to know more about students’ culture and value systems can enhance the teaching of real-world science, writes MARGARET ARTHUR.

  • seagrass

    Musings of a first-time sustainability teacher


    What happens when a physics teacher wants to explore a complex topic like sustainability with her students? ANNE NICOLSON describes her experience.

  • moabook

    Moa book wins 2013 Royal Society Science Book Prize


    Moa is a science documentary on paper

  • The changing face of science


    *The changing face of science places a premium on communication skills and working in multidisciplinary teams as **Kim Dirks **and **Denise Greenwood (left)**, of the School of Population Health, The University of Auckland explain: *

  • What's in it for me? Choosing science in Norway


    *In Norway, a study was conducted to find out why students chose to participate, or not participate, in post-compulsory science and the results are relevant for NZ, as **Maria Vetleseter Bøe**, of the Norwegian Centre for Science Education, University of Oslo, Norway explains:*

  • Sustainability in classroom science


    *The latest statistics from the National Education Monitoring Project show that primary students are less interested in science are disconcerting (Crooks, Smith & Flockton, 2008). How can we ignite primary students’ interest in science? Asks **Sally Birsdall**. *

  • National Primary Science Week 2012


    In 2011, the NZASE’s Primary subcommittee launched the first National Primary Science Week1 (May 7th – 11th, 2012) in an attempt to support teachers and schools bringing more science into the classroom, writes Steve Sexton.

  • cleanenergybookcover

    Book review: Clean Energy, Climate and Carbon


    Clean Energy, Climate and Carbon 

  • paul callaghan big

    Last words of Sir Paul Callaghan: science is vital for good citizenship


    The following are some highlights from Sir Paul’s article that was published in Issue 129 of the NZST, three weeks before he died of cancer on 24 March 2012 at the age of 64. Sir Paul was a good friend of science educators.

  • Ripping yarns: science in Africa


    *What do an eccentric South African ichthyologist, a Kenyan who inspired the planting of two billion trees and a Kenyan who was a member of ‘the hominid gang’ have in common? They challenge our understanding of the label ‘scientist’ as **Miles Barker**, University of Waikato, explains: *