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SLH announces funding for the future

The new-look Science Learning Hub has been launched to great fanfare, and the good news is: it's here to stay.

Some of the SLH teamSMALL

Some of the SLH team

A group of around 70 teachers, scientists, science communicators, and Ministry officials gathered together to celebrate the new-look Science Learning Hub, re-launched by the Honorable Steven Joyce, Minister of Science and Innovation, who commented that the Science Learning Hub is important because science is important. He also remarked that the Science Learning Hub, first launched in 2007, has survived three iterations of the Ministry that funds it, "which is quite something".

His  announcement ensuring ongoing funding for the Hub until July 2019 was met with delight. Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Alison Ballance from Radio NZ, who reminded the audience that it was a relationship with the Science Learning Hub that led to "Our Changing World" being archived on the RNZ site - one of the first of their programmes to be treated in this way.

Dr Cathy Buntting, one of the Hub's directors, reflected: "It's been a fantastic evening, celebrating the contributions of a huge range of people from across New Zealand's science and education sectors, and we're delighted to have the assurance of ongoing funding for the next three years. We're also really proud of the work we've done over the last year, updating the look and feel of the site, and as always we welcome the feedback of teachers and other users.

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