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    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

New Zealand Science Teacher

Teacher Education in Science

How do primary students perceive science learning in class?

The Science Engagement Survey is an online tool to help teachers find out how their students perceive their science learning in class.

122583474 PencilsHow are your students engaging with science?

How do they feel about their science learning in class?

The New Zealand Council of Education Research (NZCER) is helping teachers find out what their students think about their science education.

The Science Engagement Survey is an online tool to help primary teachers gauge how their students perceive the subject and the way it is taught in class.

There are two versions of the survey: one for years 0 to 4, and one for years 5 to 10.

Students complete a short survey about the sorts of activities that they do in their class, and about the sorts of things they are interested in. The survey will help schools and individual teachers plan for meaningful activities that support the intentions of **itals**The New Zealand Curriculum**. 

The online survey is free of charge and simple to use. A school’s data remains completely confidential, but over time NZCER will aggregate results from all participating schools, in order to get a clear picture of what’s happening in primary science.

The information will be used to benefit science education in New Zealand.

Click here to find out more about accessing the survey.

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