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New Zealand Science Teacher

Teacher Education in Science

Ready to rev up the curriculum in your school?

The Royal Society is offering fellowships to primary teachers to help them boost their school’s science curriculum.

Fellowships are being offered to primary teachers who want to make a difference to how science is taught at their school.

The Royal Society of New Zealand facilitates these two-term fellowships every year for both secondary and primary educators. Teachers spend time with a relevant ‘host organisation’ to learn more about a particular scientific niche, and make authentic connections. This real-life application will then help the teacher to enhance the science curriculum development when they return to the classroom.

Designed to be school-wide, this initiative requires an agreement from the participating teacher’s school to make science a ‘priority learning area’ for the following year.

The Primary Science Teacher Fellowships aim to enhance the way the subject is taught in primary classrooms, by inspiring and invigorating teachers in an authentic scientific environment. The fellowships have a special focus on bringing Nature of Science concepts into the classroom.

To be considered for this fellowship a teacher must be:

-          A fully registered primary or intermediate teacher

-          In at least the third year of teaching the New Zealand Curriculum

-          In permanent employment (full or part time) in a primary or intermediate school (or area/other school if teaching primary aged students)

-          Fully supported in the application by the Principal who is committed to making science a major focus for 12 – 18 months following the fellowship

-          A New Zealand citizen, or holder of a New Zealand residency permit.

Applications are now open for the term 3 and 4, 2014 fellowship positions.

Visit the profiles of teachers currently on fellowship right now.

For more information or to apply, please phone John at the Royal Society, on 04 4705763.

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