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  • comms

    Eureka! programme widens its reach


    Primary school students have been included in the Eureka! programme for the first time.

  • Meena Amso

    Getting it out there – 2016 Science Journalism Fellow Meena Amso


    Proving that there’s never a bad time to change course when we work out what gets us out of bed, 2016 Science Journalism Fellow Meena Amso was lost to pharmacology not long after graduating with a degree in it – and it’s all Oprah’s fault.

  • 2015 BHS winners

    Organised chaos: BHS science fair


    Stephen Dorey, HOD Science at Buller High School, says that the introduction of a science fair has built bridges in the community at large, invigorated learning, and created opportunities for cross-sector knowledge sharing.

  • polar bear

    Science communication evolves


    In a great example of the evolution of science communication - and a great classroom opportunity to talk about it - climate scientists are taking the journos of the world to task on the quality of their climate change coverage.

  • coral small

    Coral reef find surprises scientists


    This year is the worst ever for coral reefs – which is really saying something – but last week there's been a little bit of good news for a change.

  • leaves

    CO2 'greening' the Earth


    A new study shows that rising atmospheric CO2 levels are contributing to a significant ‘greening’ of up to half of the Earth’s vegetated land.

  • crow

    Crows as clever as chimpanzees


    Crows and parrots turn out to have sophisticated thinking abilities, according to a new study.

  • webKennedy Sarah

    Fulbright scholars: peace and understanding through education


    Fulbright New Zealand was established in 1948 to promote mutual understanding through educational and cultural exchanges.

  • MobyDick

    Sperm whales really do use their heads


    Cetacean scientists might be having a blubber over the news that sperm whales do indeed use their heads.

  • walking

    Walking the talk


    Teachers from schools around New Zealand are now confident leaders of science within their school community.