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  • Rainbow Clouds

    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

  • Philippa On The Ice

    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

New Zealand Science Teacher


  • Otago Peninsula

    Possible new homes found for NZ sea lions


    Formerly known as the Hooker’s sea lion, the critically threatened New Zealand sea lion (Phocarctos hookeri) might have a few more places to spread out: new sites on mainland New Zealand have been identified which might be ideal breeding grounds.

  • housing

    New director for National Science Challenge 11 appointed


    Ruth Berry, who was previously interim Challenge Director, has been appointed to the role of Director of the National Science Challenge: Building Better Homes, Towns and Cities Cities: Ko ngā wā kāinga hei whakamahorahora.

  • Gym

    It's official: exercise boosts memory


    In further bad news for the perennial gym-avoider, recent research has made a connection between memory retention and post-learning exercise.

  • hazard

    Code of Practice refresh: update


    The Health and Safety at Work Act is now in force and has created much discussion in schools over the last year.

  • Molecules on scientific background 000071162703 Small

    SciCon 2016: counting down to 10 July!


    On July 10, the exodus of science teachers from schools and labs around the country will descend upon Sacred Heart College, in the Hutt Valley, for SciCon 2016. 

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    High stakes testing: add your voice


    University of Auckland postgraduate researcher Zoe Klomp is conducting research that could help us understand the effect that ‘high stakes testing’ - read NCEA - has on the choices you as a teacher make in the classroom, and how the pressures exerted by NCEA affect the way you teach. Complete the questionnaire and add your voice to this crucial research! Zoe explains her project:

  • lucy

    Designing underwater spaceships


    When still just a girl, Lucy Collins had her dreams dashed when someone told her that you have to be a US resident to be an astronaut. She had to settle instead for designing ‘spacecraft’ for that other largely unexplored realm - the oceans.

  • ocean clearup

    Mermaids tears: the biggest clean-up in history


    22 year-old inventor Boyan Slat may have singlehandedly revolutionised the effort to get rid of marine plastic pollution: what if ocean currents could be harnessed to do all the work?