• iceberg
  • boy with flowers
  • checking water quality
  • planet eclipse
  • rangitoto trees
  • kids with test tubes
  • kids with earth
  • snowy mountains
  • Rainbow Clouds

    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

  • Philippa On The Ice

    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

New Zealand Science Teacher


  • fern

    Marsden Fund announcements


    A broad range of research projects have received massive funding boosts.

  • flax kete

    New nanoscience resource for students


    The Australian Academy of Science’s site ‘Nova’ offers interesting material for teachers and students.

  • professor nann

    New director for MacDiarmid Institute


    Professor Thomas Nann says it is an exciting time to be working in nanotechnology.

  • RosKemp creditSharronBennett

    Dr Roslyn Kemp recognised for mentoring


    The Association for Women in the Sciences (AWIS) Miriam Dell Award has been won by an Otago University immunologist.

  • loreal 2015 winner

    For women and girls in science


    In a week in which NASA scientists have predicted a sea level rise of a metre over the next 100-200 years, a New Zealand scientist has won an award for her ground-breaking research into mapping climate change since the last ice age. Read more about her work, as well as a related ‘Girls in Science’ event held at the University of Auckland.

  • dolphin

    Looking ahead to SeaWeek 2016


    ‘Healthy seas, healthy people’ is the theme of the next Seaweek celebration.

  • seagrass

    Crowdsourcing innovation for conservation


    From the garden shed to the research lab, entries for the WWF Conservation Innovation Awards can be submitted this year via a new crowdsourcing website.

  • flax kete

    Dig this idea


    A Māori innovation challenge called DigMyIdea is calling for entrants.