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  • Rainbow Clouds

    Refraction and diffraction of light through ice crystals in the clouds

  • Philippa On The Ice

    Philippa On The Ice Philippa Werry at an Antarctic research camp 2016

New Zealand Science Teacher

Science Curriculum/Scientific Literacy

  • graphene Open Source image

    Graphene Membranes offer hope for the future


    We live on an ocean planet!  While this may be a revelation for some, it should be no surprise.  Nearly 71% of the surface of our world is covered by oceans, rivers, lakes and ice. Yet, despite this vast amount of water, only about 1% of this water is accessible as fresh water.  

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    More than authentic learning: Rū Network


    The Rū Network is a group of schools around the country that are equipped with seismometers, which they use to gather earthquake data that is shared in real time via an online portal. It’s the perfect way to give kids an authentic context for getting stuck into earth science, says University of Auckland phd student James Clarke, who helps administer the programme.

  • ocean clearup

    Mermaids tears: the biggest clean-up in history


    22 year-old inventor Boyan Slat may have singlehandedly revolutionised the effort to get rid of marine plastic pollution: what if ocean currents could be harnessed to do all the work?

  • soil

    Happy digging! Primary Science Week 2016


    Primary Science Week 2016 runs from 16 May - today! - through to the 20th, and the focus this year is on soil science.

  • 2015 BHS winners

    Organised chaos: BHS science fair


    Stephen Dorey, HOD Science at Buller High School, says that the introduction of a science fair has built bridges in the community at large, invigorated learning, and created opportunities for cross-sector knowledge sharing.

  • leaves

    CO2 'greening' the Earth


    A new study shows that rising atmospheric CO2 levels are contributing to a significant ‘greening’ of up to half of the Earth’s vegetated land.

  • icebergs Otto Fiord cropped

    Addressing myths about sea level rise


    As gravity varies across the globe, so too does sea level, geologist BRIAN RICKETTS explains.

  • BreakfastMachineJiwiJune SMALL

    Slapstick and science: making physics fun


    Series creator JOSEPH HERSCHER describes how Jiwi’s Machines came to life, and why a teaching unit was so important to the project. 

  • dolphin

    Dive into Seaweek with your classroom


    Seaweek 2016 is offering three competitions to inspire students to get involved.

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